March 16, 2010

A New Day

Blogging has been a bit of a challenge for me the last couple of months. Not because I have not had the time nor have I lacked for something to say, but I am committed to being able to blog with clarity about where I am in my journey with Jesus. To be completely honest I have not had a very clear picture, so I have remained silent. In October of last year I really sensed God saying to me “be still and know that I am God.” Little did I know he meant for me to remain still and quiet for so long.

Today begins a new day for me. I believe that God is giving me some clarity about what He is doing. I have been trying to be faithful in the few things God has made clear I am supposed to be doing during this time. I have enjoyed coaching/mentoring/consulting the student ministry team at Northwest Community Church. I have also enjoyed the opportunity to use my teaching gift once a month at Northwest as well. I have also enjoyed working with the group of young adults who make up 724 Raleigh every Sunday evening.

Through each of these projects God has been leading me through a journey of self analysis. I have had the real privilege of looking through the pages of the past few years and learning some life lessons that might have otherwise been lost. I am encouraged by a truth that seems to emerge from these lessons. God is never finished with us whether we are on top or on the bottom.

I have noticed a certain theme emerging. My sense is that it is not simply a theme but a calling. I am starting to feel the tug of God on my soul out of “be still” and into the “move forward”. The theme God has reminded me of is simply this ... God is never finished. Never finished with me. Never finished with you. Never finished with us.

Through 724 Raleigh God is bringing together people whose desire is to help every day people become spiritually passionate Christ-followers. As I have been praying and listening God is birthing again in my heart the vision for a church passionate about God and therefore passionate about people. The vision is still forming and I have not figured out how God may be providing for this, but I am stepping slowly toward His leading. I will be sharing over the next few days and weeks some places where God has been challenging me to grow. These places are starting to form a foundation upon which we can re-start.

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