December 09, 2009

Cold Happiness

This past weekend we who are a part of 724 went to the park at Moore Square and gave out over 100 pairs of shoes, 200 sandwiches, boxes of cookies/pastries/pie slices and 5 gallons of hot coffee. It was the 724 Give Back Project, “Sandwiches and Shoes”. The most satisfying part of the process however, was the meaningful conversations we had with those who received shoes and sandwiches.

As I was talking with several guys who were there they each told me stories of how the recent recession had forced them out of a job. The layoffs they had experienced not only left them unemployed but had led to there extreme need and even homelessness. I was reminded as I talk with them that they are no different from myself. What I mean is this, while my economic condition may be (for the moment) different from theirs, they are still the same as I am in that they are the wonderful creation of God. He does not look on us as employed or unemployed, homeless or “homed." He sees us as His creation.

Jesus reminds us that when we care for “the least of these” we are caring for him. I think the point Jesus is making here is that how we regard and treat others is a direct reflection of our regard for God Himself. While Jesus specifically identifies homelessness, hunger, thirst etc in this passage I do not think the principle ends with these conditions. It seems clear to me that Jesus is teaching a much more profound and life altering principle. The point Jesus is making is look at those that you regard to be most insignificant and notice the manner in which you treat them. How you treat the insignificant people around you is how you treat God. The highest point of bringing glory to God in everything is by regarding others as ones whom God loves dearly.

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