December 12, 2009

My Responsibility

I got a call the other day from Carlee’s school. It was one of those automated calls that we get several times a week reminding us of the announcements for our students. As the call ended the principle made a statement that I have heard may times before “thank you for all you are doing to help us raise the Pride” (the Pride is the mascot for the school).

I appreciate the heart of this statement. There is something however at the core of the statement that is unsettling to me. Just beneath the surface of this statement is the idea that I am a helper in the “raising” of my child. There is the essence of my dilemma. We have shifted our thinking to believe that parents are simply helpers in the raising of children. We need to remember that we as parents are primarily responsible for our children. We need to retake our position of being dad or mom. it is not the responsibility (or privilege for that matter) of educators, coaches, youth leaders, youth pastors, friends or neighbors.

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