December 08, 2010

Sandwiches & Shoes Year Two

Last year 724Raleigh was a small group of 12-15 people predominantly college students. We wanted to make a difference in our community and we decided a simple way that we could do so was through a project we called “Sandwiches & Shoes." We simply collected our old shoes and asked a local grocery to donate their left over bakery items. We took these things to Moore Square (a park in downtown Raleigh) and gave them all away to needy people.

In 2010 this group of people has become the church we call 724Raleigh. God is doing amazing things in our church. As we came to the anniversary of Sandwiches and Shoes we knew we wanted to repeat this project. Little did I know how much God would do in year two. (If you would like to stay up to date on 724Raleigh you can follow my twitter by clicking the follow me button below or check out

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This past Sunday 60 people participated in providing sandwiches and shoes to needy people in Moore Square once again. We distributed over 150 pairs of shoes, all of which were donated by our church. We also distributed over 350 sandwiches. We provided 10 galloons of hot coffee and 5 galloons of hot chocolate. Some of the other items we were able to distribute included doughnuts, towels, pastries and cookies. The project grew to over four times the size of last year as did our church.

As I look back on the past weekend I am very aware that I am a part of something that is truly special. The people who call 724Raleigh their church are generous and passionate about loving God and loving what he loves. I am blessed to be a part of this community of faith. The work that God is doing in our lives is truly special as well. I am excited beyond words when I look at how we have grown in our relationships with both God and one another.

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