December 18, 2010

Awe & Wonder

2010 has been a remarkable year for 724Raleigh.  We have experienced the very real presence of God as we have worshipped each week together.  We have enjoyed powerful moments of fellowship and connection as we have become friends.  We have witnessed the miraculous work of God in answered prayers.  We have seen the greatest of all God’s work in transformed lives as we together have learned and committed ourselves to becoming spiritually passionate Christ-followers.  Eleven months ago our church family consisted of 12-15 people primarily college students.  We now consist of 60 people from all “walks of life”.  
As great as this year has been, we believe that God has only begun the work He plans to do.  We believe that 2011 will be an even more remarkable year.  God has placed before us opportunities for dynamic ministry and life transformation.  As we look back our hearts are filled with love and gratefulness.  As we look forward we are filled with awe and wonder at the potential ahead.  Both of those reactions are biblical responses to movement of God.  
Our belief is that out of those reactions God will cause each of us to step in faith toward deeper ownership and investment in the work He is doing.  We can do that in four specific ways:
    1. We can invite others to be a part of what God is doing at 724Raleigh.
    2. We can pray for the ongoing work of God in and through 724Raleigh.
    3. We can serve in some capacity at 724Raleigh.
    4. We can give financially to support 724Raleigh.
We are taking a special year-end offering between now and Dec. 31st to go toward the ministry of 724Raleigh in 2011.  If you have been a recipient of good things in your life through 724Raleigh, we hope you will give.  If God has made Himself real to you through 724Raleigh, we hope you will give.  If you share in our awe and wonder anticipating God’s work in 2011, we hope you will give.
You can give at any of the Sunday experiences remaining in 2010, through online giving at or through the mail:  CATT PO Box 91596 Raleigh NC 27675.  Checks are payable to “Church at the Triangle” or “724Raleigh”.  Please indicate “Awe & Wonder” in the memo line of your check to go toward this special year end offering.
We believe that when God works in the hearts of people the natural response is to do everything we can to make sure that others can receive the same work in their lives.  We believe the best and most powerful offerings come from people who have hearts filled with love and gratefulness and who are in awe and wonder at God’s work.  Our prayer is that generosity will rise up from our sense of love, gratefulness, awe and wonder.
May God richly bless you as you give above and beyond your normal tithes and offering.
Merry Christmas!
Lee Towns-Lead Pastor

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