August 02, 2011

Love Much

I have been stuck on the simple answer Jesus gave when asked to sum up the law. He simply replied "love god with everything you have and love others" (my translation).

The more I consider His simple response I am struck by the fact that it is just that simple. When I love God in the truest sense of the idea to love then the rest of my life is directed by that love. The order that comes from being obsessed with God is the key to living a full and abundant life.

Seeing how all of life falls into place when I love God first and most makes me wonder why don't we let go and love Him. What a cruel trick the enemy of our soul has played on us by convincing us that loving God a little would be sufficient. God, seeing our deceived nature, makes Himself available to help us love Him much if we are willing to allow Him full access.

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