April 28, 2011

Immeasurably More

Over the past few months I have been praying and asking God for “immeasurably more” for my relationship with Him and for our 724 Church family. When I began praying this prayer I had no idea how God would respond. To be quite honest there are more stories than I could possibly write in this blog. The last month has been remarkable. My wife, Carla, posted on facebook yesterday a great sentiment that reflects my feelings too. She said, “Church planting is finally fun.” This has been a great month. I will over the next few posts try to tell a few of those stories including the miraculous story of a huge announcement coming this weekend at our “Burgers in the Park” experience. For today let me just reflect on a few things that happened last weekend at Easter in the Park.

The day was gorgeous and quite honestly the setting was perfect. We rented a pavilion at a city park to hold our service. We had over 60 people attend our service. While this was our highest attendance ever, the exciting part is really not the number. We have been trying to think of someone who makes up our 724 Church community who did not invite someone to join them as a guest and we have come up blank. To our knowledge everyone (including those who were out of town) made the effort to invite someone to be a part of our day. This is a demonstration of loving what God loves. I am so proud of our community!

We also had over half of our community engaged in serving in some capacity. It was unbelievably exciting to see how many people were so deeply invested in advancing the kingdom. The day began early and required a lot of effort but not one person would say the regretted the investment. Loving God in this way is so powerful in our own lives.

We had 12 first time guests. Most of those guests were not Christ-followers and we were able to present a relationship with Christ in both spoken word and acts of kindness and service. The meaningful conversations I had with several of these guests revealed that we were effective in demonstrating Christ in a way that has caused them to take steps toward Him.

In addition to these 12 guests we were located right next to the park’s playground area. there were 20 or more people who had come to enjoy the beauty of the day while allowing their children to play on the playground. Most, if not all of them, stopped and listened as we shared that the point of Easter is the resurrection and that the resurrection changes everything.

I am so thankful for what God allowed us to experience on Easter. I am confident that it is only the beginning of immeasurably more from God.

Here are a few pictures from Easter in the Park.

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