May 08, 2012

One Vote

After much thought and considerable prayer I have this to add to the conversation about the voting process today in North Carolina.

In the democracy in which we live my opinion does matter. Not more than your opinion but the same as yours. I am two things today simultaneously. I am a voter with one vote and I am a Christ-follower with one truth.

The constitution does not eliminate me as a Christ-follower from voting nor does it silence me. In fact, those who think that there is no place for "religion in politics" not only do not understand the constitution and the context in which it was written, but they are guilty of being prejudiced and denying rights to a particular group of people.

On a very pragmatic level the constitution invites religion into politics. It protects my right to believe and pursue God. It does not legislate that anyone else do the same but it allows me to do so. It asks of me, a citizen in this country and a participant in this democratic process, that I bring my thoughts, opinions and perspectives to the poll to cast my one vote. In that simple request the constitution not only does not eliminate religion from politics it invites it to be involved.

For those who, like me, follow Jesus Christ....

We cannot follow Jesus and ignore His Word (the Bible). There are many issues in our world that are difficult and confusing. They are so because of what we know to be our fallen nature. In ALL of these areas God provides for us direction and clarity. It is in the Bible. You and I have the responsibility to seek out the truth in the Bible and live by that truth at all times.

Jesus leaves us no option but to do this if we are to be His followers. He says in John 14:6 "I am the way, the truth and the life...". Not only does He tell us that He is pointing us to the path in confusing times but that the pathway He points to is the truth and living by the truth will bring life. He goes on in the same verse to say "no man comes to the Father but by me." In the last phrase He reminds us that in order to follow Him we have to go His way.

Now some of you will read this post and infer that I am telling you how to vote. I am not. I am telling you how to live. As you seek to function in this world on any given day seek God, chose God and find life. I am convinced that if we (those of us who follow Christ) will truly trust God and obey His every word we would find that life (freedom) would be expanding all around us.

My hope is not in the democracy that we live in today. My hope is in the God I follow. My vote matters in that I have the chance to bring the truth that leads to life into a world full of something less than life. I have no desire to legislate belief because that is not possible. When asked however, I do desire to speak truth whether through my one vote or in personal conversation. Because I believe the truth brings freedom. I trust God when He promises this freedom.

If you will look carefully I have not told you how I believe you should vote. I believe that you should vote. I also believe that you should search for the truth of God and let that determine how you vote if you are a follower of Christ. I believe that in a democracy we all have the right to express our opinion through our one vote and to limit or belittle that is the most fundamental form of prejudice there is.

For the record, I believe that God established marriage long before there were any governments or social practices. I believe that as the creator of marriage He has the right to define marriage. I believe marriage is a union between one man and one woman. I believe God has defined it as such. I will be voting on this one truth when I cast my one vote.


DH said...

Excellent post. Very truth filled and diplomatic.

DH said...

Excellent post. Very truth filled and diplomatic.