February 21, 2011

The Weekend & Random Thoughts

February 21, 2011

The Weekend & Other Random Thoughts

This past weekend was the second full weekend of being mobile as a church once again. We had both morning and evening experiences in our temporary home (The Royal Event Center). While I am eager for us to find a place that is our ministry center permanently, I am so proud of how our setup and tear down crews have stepped up. We have gotten the total setup down to 45 minutes and tear down is a little less than that at about 30 minutes.

I am so thankful for Richey Sessoms and Matt Garcia who make sure all the work gets done in a way that is excellent. As I was connecting with people who wanted to talk through life issues last night I was blessed knowing that the teams are doing such a great job.

I am also excited as I have been praying about a permanent space to see how God is leading us. In this process of seeking a permanent space I have been very aware that God is leading us to greater clarity in how we love God and love what He loves. I am asking God to give us a place that is strategically located near the people he is calling us to impact.

We have had a great couple of months in having guests join us. Every week of 2011 we have had guests attend. I am praying and thinking through how we can make sure those guests become active participants. I am very excited to know that more and more people are hearing about and discovering 724. Keep telling people around you about what God is doing.

Looking forward, we will begin a new series this coming weekend called "How Much Do I Owe God". We have been invited to live our lives in full surrender and relationship with God. Many of us, however, experience our connection with God as one in which we have to pay a debt or fulfill an obligation. Our thoughts about our money can be the clearest example of this misconnection. Over the next two weeks we are going to discover how God intends for us to view our money. I believe this will be a very significant couple of weeks. This will be powerful series for us to invite people to participate in, so let's all make an aggressive effort to invite someone to be our guest. I believe God is going to do "immeasurably more" in this series.

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