April 12, 2011

Prayerfully Pumped

Weekend Review:
Once again this past weekend was a great time for 724 Church. God is stirring at the heart level among us all. It is so exciting to hear how many of us are stepping into the spiritual discipline of tithing. It is so cool when spiritual transformation happens! I am so proud of our 724 family.
Worship is so far beyond what someone might expect of a church at our stage of life that I have no words. The depth and heartfelt nature with which we are entering into the moments of worship is so exciting to be around.
God has been really stretching us through the teaching issues we have been dealing with over the past few months. (You will be able to listen to those messages later this week on our website at www.724team.com). God has really been drawing my heart toward the big concept of this series on "forgiveness". The idea is that forgiveness is complete when we reach the place that we are ready to risk being hurt again.

Ways to Pray:
As we continue to progress forward in the life of our church the next big issue that we need God to help us with is the issue of a meeting space. We continue to search for the place God has prepared for us. I am asking everyone to pray for our search. Here are three very specific prayer requests:

  1. Pray that God will lead us to the community where we can help the most people discover God.
  2. Pray that God will give us favor with our future landlord and that they will be willing to give us a lease rate that is well within our limited budget.
  3. Pray that God will help us secure whatever funds will be necessary to do the required upfit.

Schedule Changes:
The leadership team has been praying about how to get our 724 family better connected. We want to take community to the next level and we believe that one of the best ways for us to increase our community is to be together more. We have also been praying about how we can be best positioned to help people experience spiritual transformation in their lives. In order to accomplish both of these objectives we have determined that beginning with Easter Sunday we will move into one service at 10 am on Sunday mornings. This change is planned for the summer only. As we move through the next few months we will revisit the needs that can be met through the 6:14 pm service and will prayerfully consider reopening this service in the fall.

Finally, I am so excited about Easter in the Park. We will hold our Easter service at 10 am in the pavilion at Baileywick Park. We will have an Easter Egg Hunt immediately following the service for our children. We began praying this week for specific people that we will be inviting to join us. I am so pumped as I hear people praying and sharing about relationships they are building. Who are you inviting? It would be so cool if everyone of us had someone with us as a guest on Easter. You will find more details on the morning at our website this week.

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