April 18, 2011

A Fresh New Week

Monday is usually my day to walk slowly and regroup after a hectic weekend.  Today however, is a bit different.  This past weekend was packed with demands and opportunities.  It has served to set this week up to be awesome in so many ways.
This week is "passion week".  It is the time that we remember the week of Jesus' death and resurrection.  These events change everything for us.  God demonstrated His love for us during the events of this week.  Even though we would choose paths of sin, destruction, and rebellion He willingly died for us.  His resurrection, proven by His empty tomb, is proof that His sacrifice for us was received and fully paid our debt.  I hope that we will all take the time to remember God's great love for us this week.  Here are a few passages from the Bible that you may want to read this week to help you remember Jesus work for you:
    1. John 17-20
    2. Luke 19-24
    3. Mark 14-16
    4. Matthew 26-28
I am praying with even more energy today about Easter in the Park.  After hearing the stories of the invites that are happening by our 724 community I am even more charged up about this weekend.  God is moving in very powerful ways as we continue to seek to introduce everyday people to living spiritually passionate lives.
There are several things I hope you will make sure happen as we approach the weekend.  
    • I hope that you will invite everyone you are around this week.  I am asking God to give all of us unusual courage and boldness.
    • I hope that you will be ready to receive and celebrate all the guests who join us for our experience.  Make sure if you are a part of the morning that you spread yourself out so that someone from our community is seated at every table.  Make sure that you invite newcomers to join you at your table.
    • I hope that you will allow time to hang around afterwards and connect with everyone who participates with us.
    • I hope you will encourage those who are with us to come back May 1st for our cookout in the same location.
    • Please bring a lawn chair with you in case we have an overflow crowd and need extra seats.
    • Please remember that we are beginning at 10 am and have only one experience.
    • Finally (and most importantly) pray, pray, pray!  Ask God to make this a powerful and effective day.  I am spending time everyday this week praying specifically for this experience.  Will you join me?
You can go to our website to get the directions to Baileywick Park.  Click here or go to www.724team.com

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